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Tuesday, 23.10.2018
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How to adjust your camera.

First of all, what is actually freezelight? Freezelight is shooting with long exposure times. The only 2 things you'll need for that - an adjusted camera and various light sources. Picture above was made by me using this technique so there is no photoshop involved.

Before we get started the first thing you should do is to check the list of cameras that I've compiled. This list consists of more than 300 cameras that are for sure can be used for freezelight photography according to their adjustment abilities. If you can't find your camera in the list provided, this means that adjustments necessary for freezelighting cannot be applied. But don't give up - I'll teach how to make the most of your camera in the next article.

To begin with, put your camera to the M-mode and let's adjust ISO. ISO is the light sensitivity of a digital camera's sensor. For freezelight photography it should be set 100, exceeding 100 will result in noise appearing in the photo.

Now it's time for exposure. Exposure is the interval of time between the shutter being open and shot in other words it is the period when the photo is taken. This period is of great importance for you because when drawing something complicated you will need more time to accomplish your drawing. But you shouldn't also forget that with longer shutter speed more light enters the camera, so if you need about 5 seconds to make the drawing don't set exposure more than that because in that case your picture will be lighter.


Final part of adjusting the camera - is the adjustment of aperture and it is done by adjusting the f-stop. The f-stop defines the amount of light reaching the sensor. The smaller is the number the more light can pass through the lens.  You should learn to control aperture to make sure that your photos are neither too dark, nor overexposed.

That's it, just find a good dark place with no bright external sources of light and you are ready to try it! Good luck!

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